Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm Sorry

I have to apologize to everyone, especially those that follow me.  (It still amazes me today that anyone would follow me.  LoL  And I thank you for that!!!)  I have been so busy lately, I have let this blog get behind.

I'm SORRY!!!

Honestly, I do apologize!  My life has been crazy lately.  Family/home, work just to mention a few.  My granddaughter has been in Children's Hospital (It use to be called Cook's Children Hospital) in Dallas.  Doctors are not sure what is going on with her, but she is ok, for now.  They are just running test after test to determine what is going on.  No prognosis, no saying how long she will be there.  Apparently whatever is going on, the Doctors say they have never seen anything like what she has.  And NO, it is not ebola!!  She has about 20 Doctors looking after her, so she is in good hands!  Hopefully, we (and the Doctors) will know what is going on very soon.  Until then, they will continue to run tests and we will continue to pray!

I will be posting my next blog in the next day or so.  Please bare with me!



  1. I hope your granddaughter gets well soon.

  2. Thank you Jana! We are praying that she will.