Sunday, August 10, 2014


Today is all about updating some of my post, while updating my progress.  This gives me the knowledge that I am keeping on track, while staying in my direct line, and actually getting my family tree complete.  (Is there any such thing as a complete family tree??)  I believe everyone should take some time now and then to just step back and see what progress has made.

The Progress or not blog posted on 17 June 2014 update.

                     June 2014                                                                August 2014

   Generation   Possible    What I have                        Generation   Possible    What I have

        1               1               1                                              1               1               1
        2               2               2                                              2               2               2                 3               4               4                                              3               4               4
        4               8               8                                              4               8               8   
        5              16              8                                              5              16             12 (+4)
        6              32             14                                             6              32             14
        7              64              7                                              7              64              7
        8             128            10                                             8              128            10
        9             256            10                                             9              256            12 (+2)
       10            512             2                                             10             512             2

                    1023             66                                                           1023           72 (+6)

I have added 4 new 2x great grandparents and 2 new 6x great grandparent, for a total of 6 new ancestors added to my family tree.  That is not too bad.  I can at least see that I am making progress.  Though percentage wise I am only at 7%.  Better than 2 months ago.      

Update on Cecelia May McGee King post of 30 July 2014.  I have finally found her!  Whew  Now I know why it was so difficult in finding Cecelia.  The 1900 census list her name as Celia McGee.  Lesson Learned -  if you cannot find our ancestor with the name you have - try various spellings of the name.  In my post on Cecelia May McGee King, I tried 40 different variations of her name.  Looks like I missed one.  LoL

The 7 June 1900 census from shows:  

Celia McGee in the household of Thos McGee
Head of household: Thos McGee age 31 born May 1869 in Washington DC
Wife: Annie McGee age 18 born Sept 1881 in Washington DC
Daughter: Celia McGee age 0/12 born May 1900 in Washington DC
Thos and Annie married for 1 year.  Annie being the mother of 1 child and 1 child living.  

I now have Cecelia's and her parents name, birth month and year, and birth place.  I will hopefully be able to validate the information and continue with her branch of the family tree.  Only time will tell!  Looks like a small hole in that "brick wall".  

I am feeling more confident these days of my research and my blog.  I am making progress.  I am seeing results.  I am expanding my family tree.  I am feeling good!  If you find yourself wondering about starting a blog, I say go for it!  Just being able to put into words what goes through my mind, and the questions I ask myself has helped me tremendously.  I now ask myself "Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Happy Researching!!!



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