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My DAR Journey - Henry Ware Sr.

I am embarking on another journey along with my Family History Journey.  My journey to become a member of DAR ¹ (Daughters of the American Revolution).  Be sure to watch for my next chapter in this new journey.  It will include more information about the amazing organization Daughters of the American Revolution.  This new journey will be a long hard fought one I am sure, however; I believe will be well worth it!  I have always been proud to be an American, and to find ancestors that fought for the freedoms that we take for granted everyday, means so much to me.  Patriotism runs in my family you see and I am proud of that!  I come from a long line of military men and women, and will always be proud of that fact.  I am after all an "Air Force Brat"!  LoL

Preserving and honoring this country's heritage is so imperative.  The patriots who fought for the freedom of this country must not have died in vain.  Think about that.  What would this country be like without them?  Would there even be an America?

The process of becoming a member of DAR ² is a tough one for sure.  One that I will be sharing here.  From the first step till the last, becoming a full fledged member.  I hope you will follow me on this new adventure as well as my regular Family History Journey.

The first step, is finding an ancestor that fought in the American Revolution.  The American Revolutionary War years were 1775-1783.  If you should have someone in your family tree born between 1726-1767, they may have fought in the American Revolution.  You can always go to the DAR ³ website and search for that ancestor's name.  That is how I found my American Revolutionary Patriot Henry Ware Sr. my 6x great grandfather.  So, if I follow my family line it would look like this: (I am only including my direct line.)

1.) Henry Ware Sr. b.) 1730 Caroline Co., VA d.) 1 Nov 1801 Lincoln Co., GA  m.) Martha Garrett  b.) 1735 in VA d.) Lincoln Co., GA.

2.) John Ware b.) 1756 in VA d.) 10 Aug 1795 in Franklin, GA

3.) Thomas Ware b.) 1770 in Caswell, NC d.) 19 Jan 1859 in Colorado Co., TX m.) Sarah Jemison b.) 17 Jan 1776 in Lincoln Co., GA d.) 1817 in Green Co., GA.

4.) Sarah Jemison Ware b.) 21 Nov 1807 in Green Co., GA d.) 16 Dec 1883 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA m.) John Williams Medlock b.) 4 Apr 1803 in Greenville, SC d.) 5 Nov 1882 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA

5.) Eli Wren Medlock b.) 25 Aug 1839 in Norcross, Gwinnett, GA d.) 31 Aug 1904 in Austell, Cobb, GA m.) Martha P Edmonson b.) 29 May 1842 in GA d.) 5 Jan 1886 in Austell, Cobb, GA

6.) Charles Woodson Medlock b. 5 Apr 1873 in Norcross, Gwinnett, GA d.) 22 Feb 1940 in Fulton Co., GA m.) Willie McGee

7.) Leotra Medlock b.) 20 Jan 1903 in Russellville, Franklin, AL d.) 28 Feb 1985 in Odenville, St. Clair, AL m.) Emmett Sanders b.) 10 Dec 1900 in Barnesville, Lamar, GA d.) 13 Sept 1967 in Atlanta, Fulton, Ga

8.) Frederick Sanders b. 13 Mar 1935 in Birmingham, Jefferson, AL d. 16 Feb 2001 in Sherman, Grayson, TX m.) Shirley King b.) 24 Feb 1937 in Washington, DC

9.) Debbie Lowrance

As you can tell, there are holes in my research which will need to be gathered along with the proper documentation before I will be able to proceed with the next step.  For each person in my direct line I will need: date of birth, place of birth, date of death, place of death, date of marriage, place of marriage, spouse date of birth, and spouse place of death.

Wish me luck!  I better get researching!!


You can click on either the references for the DAR website pages I mentioned above or click on them below.

¹ DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Home Page -

² DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Become A Member Page -

³ DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Descendants Search Page -


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