Thursday, July 10, 2014

OK back to work time.

I've been trying to do more Spring cleaning with my "office".  I hate clutter!!  So, I have been organizing and cleaning things up.  

With that in mind I also wanted to get all my research better organized.  Not an easy task, but it must be done.  

I have been hard at work organizing my photos, my computer, my binders and all those scraps of paper that just seem to accumulate everywhere you look.  I sat and thought of how I could better my time and research and came up with several ideas.  

First off, I thought why not make technology work for me.  It would make things so much easier, not to mention quicker.  So I sat down and got to work.  Here's what I came up with: 

I have discovered Google Drive and I love it!!  With Google Drive I can make my own forms/charts/spreadsheets to fit me.  And the best part?  I can pull it all up on my phone, so no matter where I am at I have access to it.  Check it out and see if it is something that could help you and your researching.  You just might be surprised!

Here is what I made, a research log in spreadsheet format.  However; I didn't stop there.  I added several other charts/forms/worksheets/logs to the spreadsheet as well.  All in one place!  No more searching for a particular chart or form.  I am happy with the results so far, and am excited to get back to researching.  This is what my spreadsheet looks like.  

          page/sheet 1 - research log
          Progress  Priority  Date of Search  Name of Person  Research  Website/Book/Place  Outcome

          page/sheet 2 - research check list
          Name  Date searched  Ancestry  Find-A-Grave  FamilySearch  Notes

          page/sheet 3 - research check list 2
          Name  Relationship  Birth  Place  Birth Certificate  Marriage  Place  Marriage Certificate  Death  Place                 Death Certificate  Burial  Place  Obit  Headstone  Will  Deeds  Religion  Immigration  Naturalization

          page/sheet 4 - census check list
          name 1790  1800  1810  1820  1830  1840  1850  1860  1870  1880  1890  1900  1910  1920  1930 etc

          page/sheet 5 - correspondence
          date  name  ancestor  relationship  contacted by  answered  notes

          page/sheet 6 - wars
          name  colonial war  revolutionary  civil  WWI  WWII  Korean  Vietnam

          page/sheet 7 - military service
          name  relationship  branch war  registration card  service years  medals  notes

          page/sheet 8 - books
          title  author  ISBN

All of this is basic and self explanatory.  The good thing about this is you can customize this to fit YOU and the way you research.  It is that easy!  If later on I should decide that I need something more on my pages, I can add it.  Or if I don't use/need something that I do have, I can delete it.  

Now when I come across an ancestor or name, I can gather the information, input the information, and begin the verification process of the data anywhere I am.  Why did I not think of this sooner??  

If you should make your own spreadsheet, please let me know!  I would love to see how other people make their own and how they use it.

I have also been busy copyrighting my photos.  This will take some time as I have over 3000 photos.  And as you can see, I have several copyrighted photos on this blog.  I don't want just anyone taking my personal photos.  So, I protect them with a watermark copyright.  Any good photo editor will work.  

Good luck in your research!



  1. Welcome to Geneabloggers! Doesn't seem like the organizing and 'clean up' every ends - I think I've been reorganizing my search just about every year. Happy hunting and I hope the new found organization (i like google drive also) works out.

  2. Thank you Christopher! No, organizing and clean up never does end, unless you have your own personal secretary to do it for you. Haha Unfortunately, I end up doing it more than once a year, but that is ok. I know that at least I am getting somewhere with my research. And so far, so good with the organization, my spreadsheet as kept me on track and truly focused.

  3. Christopher, I would like to give you a very big heartfelt Thank You for your service for this country. Our military personnel are not nearly appreciated as they should be. I salute you and your family for your time and service.