Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Journey Begins

Debbie Lowrance - My Family History Journey
Hi my name is Debbie and I welcome you to My Family History Journey.  My Grandmother - Helen Louise King - started this journey.  I took over about 20 years ago, or so when she was not able to do it anymore.  Like others in genealogy, I have spent countless hours researching, exploring, and spending sleepless nights doing what I can to follow the trail of my ancestors.  I have learned a lot during that time, and am willing to share what I have learned with others.  Now, I am not saying that I am an expert on the subject, and I have made many mistakes.  That is why I am writing this blog.  Not only will it help keep me on track, but hopefully someone else will benefit from my mistakes.

I am a people watcher by nature.  I just can't help myself.  Everywhere I go I watch people around me.  People really do amaze me, what can I say.  I guess that is why I want to know my family history, how they lived and died.  I want to know where I came from.  I prefer the term "Family History" verses Genealogy.  There are so many more benefits to family history verses genealogy.  Genealogy is just tracing your ancestors, while family history goes way beyond that.  Family history will actually give me insight to my ancestors!  I want more than genealogy, I want the whole picture.  I want the family history!

One good thing about family history is the medical history.  Up until about 5 yrs ago or so, I never knew my family had any twins.  Then my son and his wife were pregnant and guess what, yep twins!  Apparently my daughter-in-law wasn't aware of twins running in her family either until her pregnancy.  Then she found out that her tree had twins but they were far back in her tree.  So knowing that heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure (just to name a few) runs in your family, will help you and your family doctor be aware for any future problems.  Medical issues do run in families.  (lesson learned)

Family History/Genealogy is a never ending quest.  I love it!  These days I am working on 2 different Family Trees.  Here is a list of surnames that I am researching at this time:

                                    McGee                    Vrabel                    Lowrance
                                    Simpson                   Sheppett                Millican
                                    Butler                       Hinkley                  Hussey
                                    Sanders                    Dudley                   Miller
                                    Medlock                   Krom                    Blankenship
                                    Mills                          Smith                     Deal
                                    Scott                         Wesseman             Boittnot
                                    Kettenor                    Lillie                      Crook 
                                    Knott                        Drake                    Starky
                                    Murphy                     Weeks                   Flowers
                                    Atwell                       Babcock               Woods   
                                    Ware                        Hollenbeck            Reichwein
                                    Edmonson                Gilbert                    Krapf
                                    Shepherd                  Decker                  Mingone

This is NOT the beginning, yet it is not the ending either.  Does genealogy research ever end??  I don't think so.  But that is alright with me.  I love researching, and I love family history/genealogy, yay me!!  So this is my journey.  Follow me if you like, who knows, maybe I can help you, or you might be able to help me.  I will also be sharing with you the lessons I have learned on my journey.

Let the journey begin.........



  1. My grandmother and Grandfather are Gladys and Carlton Richards. I would love to speak with you. My husband found this site when researching Leotra.

  2. Cassandra,
    This is awesome. I would love to speak with you also!! Please contact me @